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Change is a certainty, especially for the traditional tax function, and at an exponentially faster rate than other functions . What is causing this change and disrupting the status quo? Digital — in fact, the digitization of the working world in general. For companies, the transformation of the tax function is focused on the realization that unique operational processes, technologies and staff skills are needed to meet the demands of changing data flows, data analysis and data requirements, which are mandates of the digital economy globally.

Governments are also going digital, accessing information closer to the source and changing the reporting process dynamics. In this context, we have put forward the strategy, structure and composition of the tax operating model that will succeed in this complex and challenging future— the new digital tax function— and we can take you inside. You’re ready? What is the difference between your current tax model and where you need to strive to be ? What are you going to do to catch up ? Learn more about it. Contact Taxera tax on

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