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Taxera announces the launch of its

Smart Global Reporting module (SGR) for Automated VAT Submissions across the globe

With its Intelligent Tax in the Cloud platform, Taxera further automates Tax Compliance with the launch of its Smart Global Reporting module. SGR enables multinationals to configure, generate, analyze, reconcile, and electronically submit indirect taxes reports such as VAT.

Zurich – July 8th 2021

Tax Technology startup, and SAP Partner, Taxera Technologies, today announces the launch of its widely anticipated Smart Global Reporting software. The latest Module further enhances the coverage of its Indirect Tax Cloud platform.

The Smart Global Reporting module automates, centralizes, and drives tremendous efficiencies in indirect tax compliance processes for companies globally. Taxera covers indirect tax submissions and allows various functions including Tax, Finance, SSC/GBS and IT to leverage its global platform in the Cloud.

By automating manual processes, centralising local point solutions, and digitising tax compliance, Taxera allows organisations to replace legacy processes and systems with state-of-the-art operating model, through a single, digital, cost effective, global solution.

Multinational corporations today more than ever, face a shifting compliance landscape in which governments and tax authorities are speeding up the digital transformation of taxation, putting more pressure on enterprises to comply with local legislation, in very short time frames, all at a hefty price with substantial business disruption.

Taxera’s Smart Global Reporting connects to any ERP or financial source system, including SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics and others. Taxera reduces the risks and costs of compliance by seamlessly integrating, rather than extracting transactional data, directly from client source systems. With deep native automation capabilities, it ensures customers are ready for future changes in the regulatory landscape.

Taxera Smart Global Reporting “creates efficiencies for organizations dealing with frequent, diverse regulatory changes among VAT regimes throughout the world” according to Paul Antunes, Taxera’s Chief Product Officer. “Its built-in automation tools and processes, smart analytics, and world-class UI, deliver enormous value and a superior user experience, all while utilizing the most cutting-edge digital technology for rapid value creation”.

Taxera Smart Global Reporting, is part of a fully scalable cloud platform for indirect tax across the globe, that integrates perfectly with SAP (S/4 or ECC). It includes real-time reporting, eInvoicing, Smart Data Reconciliations, embedded Analytics, Smart Tax Compliance and the much-anticipated Smart Tax Determination engine, all executed with deep integration capabilities from Clients all the way to Tax Authorities.

Smart Global Reporting Features include:

  • Single Cloud Platform for true end to end Indirect Tax Management
    Integrated VAT Reporting – create your VAT returns globally from a single platform.
  • Simulation – view VAT return in the required format of the country, prior to submission.
  • Financial integrity – control your VAT payable with integrated workflows to ensure end to end data integrity.
  • Digital Historical views – view any VAT return in real time, globally, anytime anyplace.
  • Integrated workflows – customisable workflows ensure Clients approve each step of their compliance processes (planned for Q4 2021)
  • Calendar Tracker every step associated with every submission obligation via a customizable dashboard (planned for Q4 2021)

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Taxera is a cloud platform that allows companies to globally manage their Indirect Tax from a single platform. It includes automated eInvoicing, Tax data reconciliation, Smart Global Reporting for VAT Submissions, Tax compliance Engine, as well as deep embedded Analytics; As an SAP Partner, the platform integrates seamlessly with S/4, ECC, or other ERP.

Taxera – intelligent tax in the cloud

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